PROJEKT934 Model Car Various Colors


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Your favourite car as a piece of unique art, personalised by us.
The most iconic cars transformed into a unique piece of art. We will make sure to turn your dream car into a one-off art piece, just for you. And if you should already have a model car and would like to transform it into an artwork, send it to us and we will happily take care of it!
Starting from CHF 1’900.–


The silhouette of your dream car, tuned to its best.
The body of a model car is highlighted with paint to create an artwork you have never seen before. 
Starting from CHF 2’200.–


1:8 Scale
Your car on display within your own four walls. We are your exclusive partner in Switzerland if you would like to make this dream come true. Every single detail is customisable. 
Starting from CHF 2’100.–

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